IoT Design Manifesto 1.0

About the Iot Design Manifesto


First drafted by a number of design professionals, this manifesto is intended to be a living document that the larger community of peers working within the IoT field can contribute to and improve upon.

The team of initial authors will commit themselves to listen to suggestions and recommendations from the field and produce succeeding versions of the manifesto that reflect the opinions of professionals in the field of IoT.

An advisory board, consisting of thought leaders in the IoT community, is requested to oversee further development of the manifesto.

We welcome you to join the discussion on how to improve this manifesto and work towards a valuable code of conduct for our industry.


Ruben van der Vleuten
Frolic Studio
Andrew Spitz
Frolic Studio
Harm van Beek
The Incredible Machine
Marcel Schouwenaar
The Incredible Machine
Kevin Verelst
Anner Tiete
Marcel van Heist
Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken

Advisory Board

For the initial version we have consulted the following advisors for their expert opinion and input. Soon, we will be welcoming more thought leaders to the board to ensure a fair reflection of the landscape of expertises that are working together in this field.

Louisa Heinrich
Strategist, Speaker, Designer, Instigator; Founder at Superhuman Ltd.
Prof. Elisa Giaccardi
Professor of Interactive Media Design, Delft University of Technology
Rob van Kranenburg
Founder of Council
Lorna Goulden
Director Creative Innovation Works.

Presentations, workshops, consultancy

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